Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon- March 28th, 2004

Cincinnati Heart Mini-Marathon, March 28th, 2004

David ran the business in Cincinnati for Microsoft and always believed in Work/Life Balance and getting the Microsoft Team together for fun events!  This is an event we did pretty much every year to support one of his Healthcare Accounts, Humana.  It was a great way to get the team riled up and working towards the same goals outside of work!

We had over 20 Microsoft folks running this (not all are in the picture due to the fact that they did not make it there in time for picture taking).  This race started in fountain square and consisted of 15k run. The course was always challenging but gave you a great opportunity to run through the downtown area!


  •  Getting together as a team working towards the same goal outside of work!
  • Challenging each other as we trained for the event
  • Guessing who was going to win
  • Supporting our customers!
  • Enjoying time with Family




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