Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon with Family-March 28th, 2003

Heart Mini- Marathon

This was the first race that we ran with my sister and her family (Mike Bellis, Patrick Bellis and Alexandra Bellis)!  David, I and Emily ran the 15k  and 5K and the rest of the folks ran the 5K.  One thing that I loved about this was getting other family members interested in running and getting healthy.  My sister, Kathy was not a runner and wanted to start to workout and get fit! It was great to run with her to support her. I will have to say that the majority of the time we walked and just chatted (but hey we got out there and did it!).   After this we went back to the house and had a great dinner together! I really enjoyed this time and hope that we have the opportunity to do again in the future!


– Running with Family ( My sisters first run!)

– – Spending Time with Family


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