cropped-ourfavoriteportraitupdated3.jpgOn September 10th, 2005,  we set out to complete a marathon on every continent together.  Two years and ten months later we successfully accomplished this goal. Verification of this accomplishment can be found here:  7 Continent Marathons

Running a marathon as an individual is difficult, but running a marathon as a couple can be one of the most challenging experiences a couple could ever face.  We had to train differently, think differently and adjust the others need to be successful.

We have written this book to share with you our journey as we set goals together; trained together; managed work/life balance; supported each other in tough times; motivated each other; most importantly- crossed the finish line together.

We will also be sharing with you through this blog our other passions in life that we share such as music, fishing, wine, beer, kayaking amongst many others.  We hope that you continue to join us on our journey through life together and would love to hear your stories as well.  Please share them on our TWO-GETHER Runners Community located – Here


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