Reggae Run-2004

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Reggae Run- Cincinnati, Oh, October 2nd, 2004

Another family run with Emily and Collin and their friends joining us! This is a 5K run in Cincinnati. The fun part of this race is that at the end they have tents of food from restaurants in Cincinnati providing free food to everyone! There was also a great reggae band playing which provided great entertainment! You definitely get your money’s worth on this one!

The race ran through Eden Park which was pretty flat at first but then got quite hilly towards the finish line. They don’t have official timing (kind of like that !) as this is really a fun run to raise money to honor Maria Olberding.

This is a great race for everyone: experienced runners, anyone preparing for 5k or for anyone who just wants to get some exercise! No pressure!

Race Night

This was Collin’s first race and he definitely felt that it would not be a problem to complete the 3 mile run. In fact, he was placing bets that he would beat his friend to the finish line. I think he changed his mind when he hit the hills. Luckily they are at the end so it was not bad the entire way.

Emily plays basketball and runs track and has already ran in several races so this was a piece of cake for her and Andrea. They just enjoyed the run and of course all the free food afterwards!


  • Time spent with Family: joking, laughing and eating
  • Supporting each other up the hill
  • Enjoying the other runners- since this is such a short race everyone is upbeat!!
  • Great food and entertainment at the end!



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