Virtual Running of Napa Valley Marathon With IFIT Map Creation!

Napa First 3

We just found one of the most amazing benefits of IFIT !  First of all IFIT is incorporated in exercise equipment today and lets you virtually run, bike on pre-defined maps created by IFIT as well as IRunMaps .  As you are running the different courses you are able to see a street view of the course as well as have your treadmill automatically incline and decline based on the elevation of the course you are running.

As we were looking through the maps the other day while preparing for a training run for the upcoming Napa Valley Marathon, we came upon “create your own map”.    When we saw this we wondered if this would give us the ability to create a map of the marathon we would be running.  Low and Behold it did!  We actually created several maps with different mileage so that we could run segments of the marathon during our training runs instead of having to run the entire marathon.  We created a map of the entire marathon, a half marathon and then 6 miles segments along the marathon path in case we don’t have time to run a full marathon on training day- yeah right, like we am going to run a full marathon on training day!!!

The beauty of creating and running your own map is that you are able to prepare for the course that you are going to be running.  I have completed miles 1-9 so far and now know what the incline/decline’s are going to be during the race so it wont be such a surprise on race day.  It also gave me the ability to see the scenery on the course as well as the path that we would be running on – again what a great way to experience and practice running the course before race day!

If you are on IFIT you can also share your maps with your friends and with other members of IFIT!  If you are a member of IFIT, feel free to reach out and add us to your friends list!

Only 37 days left till Marathon Day- 25 more training days (2-3 more long runs)!!!!

Trollstigen Run-IFIT

220px-Trollstigen_Norway_2006So who is crazy enough to decide to start their workout routine again the day before Thanksgiving?  That would be me!  Today I ran the Trollstigen Trail- .  No I did not physically go to Norway, however I had the opportunity to run this path via my new NordicTrack 2950 with IFIT technology!  The NordicTrack is absolutely amazing as it enables you to run around the world with Streetview Settings!  It is just as if you were there!  I am not sure why I chose this particular trail to run as it was the most difficult 3 mile run I have ever done!  My incline position on treadmill continued to change as the elevation on the path changed…most of the time I was at an 11-15% incline.  Crazy, huh!  One thing I did notice was that this really made me work at levels I have never worked out at before!  I am hoping this will help me in my next 1/2 Marathon!  If you have not checked out the NordicTrack treadmill, I Highly recommend it!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving…I think I will do another crazy run so I can have a lot for turkey!   Happy Thanksgiving to All!