Trollstigen Run-IFIT

220px-Trollstigen_Norway_2006So who is crazy enough to decide to start their workout routine again the day before Thanksgiving?  That would be me!  Today I ran the Trollstigen Trail- .  No I did not physically go to Norway, however I had the opportunity to run this path via my new NordicTrack 2950 with IFIT technology!  The NordicTrack is absolutely amazing as it enables you to run around the world with Streetview Settings!  It is just as if you were there!  I am not sure why I chose this particular trail to run as it was the most difficult 3 mile run I have ever done!  My incline position on treadmill continued to change as the elevation on the path changed…most of the time I was at an 11-15% incline.  Crazy, huh!  One thing I did notice was that this really made me work at levels I have never worked out at before!  I am hoping this will help me in my next 1/2 Marathon!  If you have not checked out the NordicTrack treadmill, I Highly recommend it!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving…I think I will do another crazy run so I can have a lot for turkey!   Happy Thanksgiving to All!


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