Two-Gether Runners in the Press!


A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by Mark Winitz, Win-It!z Sports Public Relations as a follow up to our entry to the Napa Valley Marathon. Mark is responsible for all publicity around this event including the major press release. Each year he chooses a few runners that are signed up for the event and shares their profile stories in the press release.   We provided Mark with information about our accomplishments and he chose to include us in the Press Release which went out to many media outlets across the country! Many of these are just starting to be published now including this one from Runners Web: and

The stories you will read about in this press release are amazing and very touching. They are far more powerful than our accomplishments and we feel honored to be highlighted along with these great runners who have faced many different adversities and overcame them! We are hoping to have the opportunity to meet some of these runners during the weekend of the Napa Valley Marathon. These stories really go to show you how “You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it”. We hope you take some time to read through these as they will definitely help to motivate you and help you to overcome any obstacles or hurdles that you may face throughout your lives!

The Napa Valley Marathon has been highlighted by Forbes Travel as one of the top ten marathons in the world “worth traveling for”. And Runner’s World magazine selected Napa Valley Marathon as one of the top ten U.S marathons for first time marathon participants in January 2011 issue! Check out what Forbes Travel and American Express Departures Magazine have had to say about the Marathon.

Napa Valley Marathon Facebook Page:

We are so excited about having the opportunity to participate in this marathon!

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