Completion of all 7 Continents Together- Official Members of the 7 Continents Club!!- July 6th, 2008


7 Continent Club:

Touring Company:

Today marks the completion of our goal that we embarked on together starting in 2005! We have officially completed a marathon on all 7 continents together! This makes us the first couple in the World to complete a marathon on every continent together. By together we mean that we ran side by side on these marathons together, supporting each other the entire way and at the end, we crossed the finish line together holding hands! You will see this in our pictures for proof! We are very proud of this accomplishment and challenge!!!! The blogs on our journey are short and brief, please read our book when completed to hear about how we worked together setting goals, managing work/life balance especially given we both work for a technology company, supporting each other before the race and during the race, etc. The book will provide guidance on how to set unique goals as a couple not requiring a lot of money, etc. but to provide for a more powerful and loving marriage, healthy lifestyle and successful careers!

Thanks especially to Marathon Tours  and Travel for all of your support on our journey together! Thanks so much to all of our friends, family and fellow runners who supported us throughout this time!  We look forward to our continued relationships and meeting up with you all in future runs!!!

7 Continents Completed (We have ran several marathons in the US, however we are only listing the one below)

Continents Completed

1. Europe– Le Marathon Du Medoc- September 10th, 2005- Race results can be verified by Marathon Tours and Travel-– see medals in Europe Section

2. Africa– Safaricom Marathon- June 28th, 2006- Verification:–       See medals in Africa Section

3. Antarctica Marathon– February 26th, 2007- Verification:( Please note- Men and Women started 5 minutes apart so there is a 5 minute discrepencie in finish time.  Pictures demonstrate completion together and this can also be verified by Thom Gilligan at Marathon Tours and Travel-  – See medals in Antarctica Section.

4. South America- Fin Del Mundo Marathon- March 6th, 2007- Verification- Race results can be verified by Thom Gilligan at  Marathon Tours and Travel-  See medals in South America Section

5. United States– Nashville Country Music Marathon-April 28th, 2007- Verification-

6. China- Great Wall Marathon- May 17th, 2008- Verification:

7. Australia– Gold Coast Marathon- July 6th, 2008- Verification:


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