Together- A Story of the First Couple in The World to Complete a Marathon “Together” on Every Continent- Coming Soon

As the first couple in the world to complete a marathon “together”  on every continent, we are working on a book that will provide insight into our journey together.  We will be sharing how we set goals together, provided encouragement and support to each other, managed work/life balance and handled the challenges that faced us as we embarked on a journey that provided obstacles that were beyond our comprehension.


It doesn’t have to be about Running!- Creating Goals Together

Even though our blog is mostly about running, we constantly are developing common goals together.  I challenge you and your spouse to set goals together on a monthly basis.  Could be something so simple as going to and walking a couple of blocks together (without your phones).  Each night we put our phones up around 6:00.  We do not check them again until before we go to bed.   I cannot tell you how great this is to have total attention from each other during the evening.  If you have not tried this, DO THIS!  You can live without your phones!   This will force you to talk to each other and hopefully to start re-engaging together and possibly setting additional goals together!