Idaho- Mesa Falls Marathon and Half Marathon- August 23rd, 2008

Mesa Falls Marathon

Mesa Falls Marathon- August 23rd, 2008

This was another small race!  David ran the marathon and I ran the half Marathon! This race is ranked by USA today as one of the Amazing races to run before you die! The course is mainly downhill through beautiful farmland and rushing springs. At the end everyone got a huckleberry milkshake from the local drugstore! The best part of this race was the local folks!  I cannot tell you how hospitable they were and engaging!  We stayed at a little cabin close to race start and visited some of the local taverns to get a flavor of the area!  We met some great people there and hope to go back and visit in the future!  The race was VERY well organized and the scenery was absolutely stunning!  Since this is potato land all the goodies we received came in a purple potato sack…neat touch!  One last thing…I left my pre-race clothes on the bus and the race director sent them to my home about 2 weeks after the race, you can’t beat that!  I would definitely recommend this one to anyone going to Idaho!  We went and visited Yellowstone and Old Faithful after the race…beautiful sites!!!



  • Small Race, well organized
  • Locals were very friendly and hospitable
  • Felt as though you were out there on your own in beautiful country
  • No need to rush
  • Beautiful Streams and Waterfalls!
  • Blackberry Shake at end

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