Training in Cold Weather- Sometimes It’s The Best Time To Train If You Are Prepared!

The Cold weather can definitely play havoc on your training routine!  However, you can still run in the cold weather and sometimes this is the best time to run if you can take the first steps and walk out the door! This is the part I have the hardest with.  I will walk outside and then walk back in and say “There is no way I am running in that freezing weather!”.  But then I think about having to run on the treadmill- again!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my treadmill but sometimes you just need to shake it up and when you do it takes a little courage.  Once you are out the door and have ran about a block or two you warm up quickly and forget about the cold (unless it is windy- and I just don’t run in cold and windy!).

If you are planning on running this weekend in the cold, here are some tips:

1. Plan on dressing as if you were running in weather that is 15-20 degrees warmer then it actually is outside.  You would be surprised, but once you start running your body warms up fast!

2. Make sure that you layer- especially if you are running long mileage.  I typically wear a long sleeve turtleneck running shirt with wicking built in.  ON top of that I wear a sleeveless jacket (my Mizuno is my favorite).  If it is real cold I will wear my Mizuno that has sleeves.   I wear stretch leggings and then I wear Mizuno sweats over the stretch leggings. Gloves and a warm headband is a must.  I typically end up throwing the gloves off after about 3 blocks as I cannot stand having anything covering my hands.

3.  Make sure that you wear clothes that wick away the moisture from your body. This is very important as it removes the sweat from your body so you don’t feel uncomfortable!

4. Hydrate during your long runs.  You may think because it is cold you don’t need to hydrate, it is the exact opposite. I would recommend having your drinks at room temperature or on the warmer side.  This will help to avoid freezing of your liquids.

5. Have a plan if doing your long runs to be able to get back to a safe warm place at any time on your route.  It is always better to be safe then sorry and you never know how the cold will affect you especially if you are just starting to run outside in the winter.

6.  Just do it!  Take the chance one day.  Try it out!  You don’t know if you will like it until you try!

Need some motivation- Check out our Video of our Antarctica Marathon (in the Video’s section of the blog!).

If we can do this, you can do it too!!!

Remember, no matter what- Always Have Fun!

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