Tennessee- Murfreesboro Half Marathon- October 11th, 2014

Murfreesboro Marathon

Tennessee- Murfreesboro Half Marathon- October 11th, 2014


It has been a tough year and we have not been training but decided to run the Murfreesboro Half again this year.  Emily also had a tough year with her classes, etc and had not been running at all but decided to join us on this challenge.

Since we were all out of shape, the main thing we decided to do was to just take it easy, run/walk and not worry about time!  We spent the entire 13.2 miles together on this one.

Race Day

The forecast for the day was raining throughout.  Luckily when we woke up it was very cloudy but it was not raining.  We only experienced a few drops of rain throughout the day which was actually welcomed due to the humidity!

Murfreesboro Half marathon is a flat course that winds throughout the city.  If we were in shape we probably could have gotten one of our best times…oh well..maybe next year!

Samantha also ran this race and got her personal best at the time! Congrats!


  • Making commitment to do this even though we were not in shape
  • Worrying about the weather as it was supposed to storm all day
  • Enjoying the 13.1 with Emily and David.  Proud of Emily for even attempting this given she had not worked out at all!

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