South America Marathon- Fin Del Mundo (Ushuaia)- March 6th, 2007

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South America Marathon- Fin Del Mundo- March 6th, 2007

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One week after the Antarctica marathon we are challenged with another Marathon.  This is the first time either of us have done back to back Marathons a week apart.  We felt that we did have enough rest time as we traveled back to South America from Antarctica.

The day before the marathon we decided to visit El Tren which is the Prisoner train at the end of the world.  This is the train that they took the prisoners on to the National Forest to cut wood, etc. to build the prison.  We had a great day with our friends Monique and George.  At the end of the day we visited the gift shop at the train station.    The first thing we saw in the gift shop was the prisoner uniforms (the actual uniforms that the prisoners wore!)…we thought…, you know we like to dress up in something related to the city that the marathon is held…wouldn’t this be great to wear these outfits :).   We thought about it for a while as they were pretty heavy and bulky.  Kind of like wearing big, thick pajamas!  We knew the weather was going to be nice so we were a bit concerned…but decided to go for it anyway, check out pictures!!

Yes, we did run the whole marathon in these outfits they are amazing, right!  It was awesome.  Running through the national forest was the coolest as this is where the actual prisoners worked, etc….we felt very much at home!  All of the passerby’s stopped cars, cabs, etc. to take pictures….not very often they actually see crazy people like us running a marathon like this!

At one point in the National Forest it became rather hot.  I was very concerned about being able to run the entire marathon with this outfit on.  However, as we started to exit the forest it actually was a little cool with a great breeze so the outfits actually helped keep us warm!

The toughest part of this marathon was the run by the airport.  I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever ran in such wind!  Actually, I did not run as I did not see any sense in running as the wind was so powerful it was as if you were walking…so that is exactly what we did!  In addition, it was at this point (approx 13 miles-half way there) that I started to get lactic acid build up…started in my knees and spread to my legs. It became very painful to run.  I basically ran a little and walked a lot until the pain went away and I could run a little again.

At one point in the city a police car pulled up to us and said “you better hurry up or I will catch you and take you back”…it was quite funny.  Many tourists also stopped us to take pictures.  One couple did not want to let us continue running as they wanted us to take pictures with every member of their family.  We told them we would love to stay but we had a marathon to complete 🙂


– Absolutely astonishing scenery!!!

– Not too difficult of course except for the wind!

– Wish the course would have been marked better in the city…we kind of were confused several times!

– Not much for cheering crowds as I don’t think that many of the locals knew about the marathon. Or they don’t celebrate/support like the U.S.

– Overall just a wonderful marathon and a beautiful day!!!!


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