Arizona- PF Changs Rock and Roll Marathon- January 14th, 2007


PF Changs Rock and Roll Marathon- January 14th, 2007

This was the first marathon of our goal to complete the Rock and Roll Marathon “Rock Star” Series!  In order to complete this series you must run each race in the marathon series in one year.  This consisted of 3 marathons and 2 half marathons.

Race Day

We went to Arizona to run a marathon in nice warm weather…what did we get????  The coldest day in Phoenix since 1990!  Yep, that is right, we ran in 28 degree weather!  Actually this was not bad for us as it was good training for our upcoming Antarctica Marathon.    The awesome views and great music along the marathon path definitely helped to ease the pain that penetrated my body as I ran 26.2!   I was in a different mindset for this marathon and I am not sure why.  It was easy for me or maybe it was just the beautiful mountain scenery that kept my mind off of running!  No matter what, this was the best marathon to day for me and also my personal best!



– Needing to be at the race 1 1/2 hours early..with no heat around.  It was a great time to enjoy the body warmth of my husband 🙂

– 10 minutes until race time…having to take off our warm clothes and check them….ugh!

– Views of Camelback mountain-check out pictures…

– Very flat race—this was good as it allowed me to get my personal best!

– Hanging out at ASU– Great Gyros!

– Completing our first marathon of the Rock n Roll Series!


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