Training for Antarctica

We have began our training for our next challenging Marathon…Antarctica.  Believe it or not, we continually pray for cold weather so that we have the opportunity to determine our strategy for running the Antarctica Marathon.  Last week, we were able to run in 15 degree weather which was great.  It really was not that tough except that all the clothes were a bit heavy for me.   I think that will be the toughest part for me as I like to run in light clothing..and actually get heated up after about one mile.  This week it has been in the 50’s so not tough at all.  We have also started up our weight training again as this has helped in the past..especially for the back.  It will make the recup time much less.  This will be important as we are running a marathon in South America one week after completing Antarctica.  Got to go now..will write later..Cynthia

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