Jamaica Reggae Half Marathon- 2005

Reggae Half Marathon - Jamaica

Jamaica, Reggae Run- http://www.reggaemarathon.com/

Negril, Jamaica, December 2005

Our trip to Jamaica was to celebrate our first Anniversary.   We stayed at the all-inclusive Couples Swept Away in Negril which was literally a 2 block walk from the starting line of the Marathon. We really enjoyed this hotel as there were no kids and they definitely catered to you!

The first couple of days in Negril we pretty much spent laying in the sun and enjoying the benefits of a nall-inclusive resort!

Race Day

All I can say is thank goodness that our hotel was a walk (ended up being a run) to the start line. Our alarm did not go off on race day and we ended up having to run to the start line. As we were running we heard the drums playing and the race director making announcements. Literally the minute we got to the start we were on our way to complete the Jamaica Half Marathon!


– Celebrating our first anniversary- It was truly a great year doing so many great things Together!!

-Laying on the beach…putting our flag in the sand whenever we wanted a refresh on our drink…being waited on hand and foot!

– Ultimate Chocolate- Piano player in the Martini Bar- Hilarious and Very Entertaining!

– Our very special trip on a wave runner

– Great Dining!

– Dressing up in Dreadlocks and Jamaican clothing- check out picture…yes I was the only one dressed like this!!

– Very hot, hot, hot…thank goodness we only ran the half!!!

– First time we received water in bags as opposed to bottles. Actually we enjoyed this as they were easy to carry!


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