Ohio/Indiana- State to State Half Marathon- September 18th, 2005


State to State Half Marathon- Oxford, Oh- 9/18/2005


This was another opportunity to run with Family! Emily joined us on this race (well, Emily BEAT us on this race). This was a very cool race as the course runs between Ohio and Indiana so you actually get to run in two states!

The race starts and ends in downtown Oxford, Ohio and is an out and back course through neighborhoods and throughout farms. It was very serene and enjoyable.

Race Day

We woke up early to travel to Oxford which was a 45 or so minute drive from our house in Cincinnati. We were in the square and Emily was approached by a photographer while she was stretching and gladly agreed to allow them to take some pictures. Funny thing is, she ended up on the Poster for that year’s run-right in the middle!

This was Emily’s best time for her run and I tell you she was cranking it! I am not sure where she gets all of her energy but she was full of it that day! She ran a 2:15 where David and I completed in 2:25! Definitely a fun race and would highly recommend it!


Emily showing us how to stretch and then getting photographed in her crazy poses!

Emily flying past us!

Emily getting her best time!

Spending time with Family!


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