Microsoft Band Powered by Microsoft Health


Microsoft Band:


David and I bought our Microsoft Band’s on the day they released while we were on vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii!  We called the Microsoft store as soon as it opened up and they said they had some in stock but that we needed to get there as soon as possible!   We immediately headed to the store which was about 2 miles from our hotel room and luckily they had our size in stock!  All bands were sold out that day online and in stores!  We were excited that we had the opportunity to be one of the first to try these out!

We had the Garmin Vivofit prior to purchasing the Band.  I will have to say that the Band has many more capabilities then the Vivofit and also incorporates social apps from your personal life so that you can keep up to date on everything without having to have your phone out all the time!  The accuracy of the band (heart rate) is pretty accurate within 2 heartbeats from my Garmin GPS Watch.

I have now been using my band for the past 2 months and will have to say that I absolutely love it!  I love the information that I receive from a sleep analysis perspective as well as the ability to download workouts from health magazines and have the band coach me through the workout!  I have attached my starbucks card to the band and also use it quite often!  This band is strong today in V1 and can see where Microsoft will be taking this in the future!  My hope is that it will all incorporate into HealthVaul




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