New York Marathon – November 2nd, 2008

NY Marathon 08 (11)
New York Marathon- November 2nd, 2008

Tour Group- Marathon Tours-

David and Cynthia’s Time Two-gether: 5:40:19

To get into the New York Marathon insures a very diverse race by implementing a raffle type registration.  There is a window where you can go and enter the raffle and they choose the names and let you know whether you have been chosen.  We had a great time visiting the city and seeing some of the great sites as well as really enjoying the BIG City!

Race Day

What can I say!!  It was all that I thought it would be and more!!  We were very fortunate as we had a perfect day for running.  The Highs were in the 50’s and it was mostly cloudy!  I would have to say that this one was very comparable to Chicago as far as the crowds!  It was amazing how many people showed up to cheer the runners on!  Typically I start doing the run/walk at about mile 3 but the energy from the crowd kept me running most of the way.  It was great running through all of the burbs as it really gave us an opportunity to see New York!!!  I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who is looking for a great time and easy course and lots of loud crowds!!!  This event was well organized!!!


  • Spending Extra time in New York
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Visiting all the burbs!
  • Another Marathon completed!
  • Running Together!

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