My Hometown Marathon- Quad Cities- 9/23/2007



Quad City Marathon- September 23rd, 2007 –

Great time visiting family back home and running the Quad Cities Half (Cynthia) and Full (David) Marathon.   Really enjoyed the scenic route as it took us on a tour of all the great sites around the city bringing back many great memories.  For this race we chose not to run together as David chose to run the marathon and I decided to run the half as I did not feel as though I had trained enough to run the full.  It was also my birthday weekend so I wanted to have the opportunity to celebrate a bit and enjoy the weekend.

The course was a fast and flat course – highly recommended if you are trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. A great opportunity to see the most amazing views of the Mississippi River as you run over the many bridges along the route.  The race was well organized and there were many aid stations along the way.  A beautiful day with many spectators supporting us along the way.  We look forward to running this again in the future and are hoping that we can convince our family members to join us in the coming years!


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