What is it like to run in Antarctica

Many people have been asking me “what is it like to run in Antarctica”.  Well, since I have not been there yet it is hard for me to provide this information.  However, here is some information that might prove helpful.  I am hoping to post pictures as well as video during our visit so keep checking back with this blog to keep up to date. 
You will come face to face with icebergs, penguins, seals and whales while exploring the most pristine corner of the planet. The course on King George Island located off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula loops through the scientific research bases of Uruguay, Chile, China and Russia who provide water, medical assistance and supportive cheers. Great care is taken to leave behind zero impact on the environment in this sensitive ecosystem. We guarantee that you will experience a most challenging running experience. http://www.marathontours.com
COURSE – The course will start and finish at the Russian base and pass through Uruguayan, Chilean and Chinese bases. You will begin a 3 mile stretch on dirt roads before reaching the 1 mile ascent of Collins Glacier on snowy and icy surfaces. Regular training shoes are sufficient to handle these conditions. After descending the glacier, you return along the road and through the Russian base while heading in the opposite direction to a turnaround at the Chinese with the finish back at the Russian Base. Some base staff will participate and we will gain some assistance from base facilities.WEATHER – Temperatures range from 15F-30F minus the wind chill which can lower it by about 10F. Snow is rare but light flurries are common.


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