Missouri- Lewis and Clark Marathon and Half Marathon, September 17th, 2006

September 17th, 2006

David and Cynthia with Medals after Finish of Lewis and Clark Marathon

Lewis and Clark Marathon and Half Marathon, September 17th, 2006


David Time: 5:14: 51

Cynthia’s Time: 2:366:30

Another great race in Missouri!  David ran the full and I ran the half marathon.  We were excited about running this race as it ran through the St. Charles which is a quaint little town in Missouri along the river.

Race Day

Rain was forecasted for the day and it was definitely cloudy and cool out.  We decided to dress up in Cardinal outfits to represent one of the greatest baseball teams ever (According to David ..as I am a Cubs fan!).  The half marathon was mostly on roads but the marathon took David out on some trails.  It started raining towards the end of my half marathon and I will have to say I was very happy that I was done!  It really started to pour after I finished and did not let up through the rest of David’s marathon completion.  I went to the car and grabbed some warm clothes, umbrella and a nice hot cup of coffee and headed back to the course to cheer him on!  It was very hard to keep dry as the rains were torrential and many spectators had left.  But I was going to stick through and support him!

I remember looking for David and wondering if he was ok, hoping he didn’t slip and fall with the wetness of the pavement.  He came in at 5:14 which was his best time to date!  He said that the rain made him run harder as he just wanted to get done!


  • Dressing up in Cardinals outfits ( a little tough for me being a cubs fan!)
  • Visiting St. Charles
  • The torrential rains- Definitely could have done without these!

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