Missouri- Go! St Louis Marathon and Half Marathon- April 9th, 2006


Missouri- Go St. Louis Marathon and Half Marathon, April 9th 2006


This was a must do marathon for us given that David grew up in Missouri and worked in St. Louis for many years! Gave us the opportunity to go back and see the sites and visit with old friends! I ran the half marathon while David ran the full marathon. You may ask why I chose to do this on so many runs and it was mainly because of the way I felt at the end of a marathon- worn out, aching, etc. Didn’t really like the feeling. 13.1 was easy for me! Plus, I was insured to get the goodies at the end- especially the beer!

Race Day

The race starts in the middle of the city facing the gateway Arch. It heads south past the Anheuser Bush Building before returning to the heart of the city! It was also quite a hilly course! The weather that day was absolutely beautiful and the excitement was overwhelming! Given that David and I were running different races we did not stay together on this one for the first half. This was ok with me as we have done this several times now and had our methods in place to keep in touch at the end.


  • Missouri- Running in David’s state
  • Meeting up with old friends
  • Beautiful day!
  • Starting with the Arch in view!

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