France-Medoc Marathon

marathonmedoc05 Medoc Marathon medoc Oysters PaullaicTarzan and Jane Costumes

Spectators in every window and balcony

Some people are really crazy!

Sax Players entertaining runners

Relaxing after the Marathon


Getting Ready for the Race- Check out the Costumes

Little Babies Running

Marathon Tours Medoc Marathon Runners

Medoc Marathon 2005 058

Not sure what they are supposed to be


Enjoying a glass of wine at mile 14

Enjoying a glass of wine at Letour

David about to get ran over!!

Cynthia and David running as Tarzan and Jane

Cheering from the Balconies

Yes, they are pushing this plane for 26.2 miles!

Yes, it is just like a 26.2 mile parade!

What a crazy bunch of runners!

We Finished!

We are off!

Typical Runners!

The Running Smurfs

The Bumble Bees

Tarzans and Janes





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